- In The Midst of Reality -
Norwegian Premiere Spring 2019:
English trailer
 Synopsis: In the remote Norwegian woods, a filmmaker with a bleeding gut, a lovesick farmer, a lumberjack with a heart condition, and a depressed elk-hunter unite in the ceremony of drinking tea. A dark “documedy” about disease, disorder and death. Who says existentialism can't be funny? 78 minutes Genre: Creative documentary Language: Norwegian/english Subtitles: English Director: Gunnar Hall Jensen Screenplay: Gunnar Hall Jensen/Elin Sander Photography: Gunnar Hall Jensen/Erlend Haarr Eriksson Editing: Erlend Haarr Eriksson Sound design: Øyvind Rydland Colour Correction/online: Mats Andersen Graphics: Ørnulf Halvorsen Producer: Elin Sander


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