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A Cup of Tea (2014)


In "Nordic Competition"

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Gunnar is in the midst of a mid-life crisis, has stomach ulcers and suffers the stress of modern life. So he decides to build a teahouse after a Japanese model in the deep, quiet tranquility in the middle of the Norwegian woods, where he can enjoy a cup of tea and meditate on life in solitude. And when a real man first has an idea, then the damn thing has to be turned into reality - even if it is far out in the forest! But he is not entirely on his own. For out under the pine treetops he has both the help and company of three introverted recluses: a farmer with a heartache, a carpenter with a heart problem and a depressed moose hunter. It turns out, however, that building a suitable retreat according to all the rules of 'wabi-sabi' is a challenge in itself (see the film and you will understand what we mean!). The minimalist, Japanese tea ceremony should ideally take place in a ramshackle hut built of old wood to remind its guests of the transience of life. The humour, the magnificent beauty of the forests and the existential soul-searching are unmistakably Nordic, in a wry and philosophical docu-comedy shot in true wabi-sabi style on everything from super-8 to GoPro, while an ironic narrator gleefully comments on the events from a radio studio.



Year: 2014

Production: Agitator AS

Original Title: En kopp te

Director: Gunnar Hall Jensen

Runtime: 78 Minutes

Country: Norway

Producer: Elin Sander

With English Subtitles




Gunnar Goes God (2010):

Poster, Gunnar Goes God.

Filmproduction, Gunnar Goes God.

Gunnar goes God (2010)

Feature documentary 1 hour 30 min.


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Despite enjoying a well-ordered Scandinavian middle-class life, Gunnar feels a growing emptiness inside. Having too much of everything, and little of nothing. Searching for a deeper meaning he and his crew sets off to a Christian monastery in the middle of the Egyptian desert. Gunnar goes God is a personal, playful, and humorous meditation on the biggest question there is.

Gunnar Goes Comfortable (2003):

Poster, Gunnar Goes Comfortable.

Gunnar goes comfortable (2003)

Cinema feature 1 hour 13 min.


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”Gunnar Goes Comfortable” is a very personal documentary by Gunnar Hall Jensen. Equipped with a 25 dollar amatour camera Gunnar travels around the world to understand why his own personality is making his life so uncomfortable.


The film tells the story about the directors journey into himself, from childhood to adult. In a fresh and wild film form, told with humour and truth, the voice of Gunnar carries us around the confusions of his soul.


An unfinished version of ”Gunnar Goes Comfortable” won the Swedish Film Institute`s documentary award 2002.  The jury`s motivation: A film that is so incredibly good just because it more or less deals with all of us. About low self esteem, the fear of loving or of being loved, and narcissism as a driving force. But Gunnar is a little more, a little more afraid, a little more self-centered.

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