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"The life and death of an Indian salesman"

National premiere:

SVT 2, 2th of March 2017























"Amundsen never did this"

A documentary for Cinema. Gunnar investigates around the theme love. He wants to compare todays men with previous generations men. To do this Gunnar sets out to challenge the polar hero Roald Amundsen. He wants to accomplish two expeditions Amundsen never did: To dare to love and to conquer a Norwegian mountain area called "Hardangervidda". It will be a personal film.


In development.

Amundsen never did this

A film about men and love

Produced by Aldeles AS by Elisabeth Kleppe

with Jensen Production by Jonna Jensen












"It Hertz so bad".

A film about how sound affects us so much more than we understand or know of.


In development


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