- In The Midst of Reality -

Here is an updated list of festivals Gunnars films have been through.



A Cup of Tea (2014) CPH:DOX, Copenhagen,Nordic Competition. DOCPOINT, Finnland. EURODOK, Norway. BIFF, Norway Ice Fishers from Syria (2014) SVT Northern Lights Festival, Murmansk, Competition Hear my words strong, hard (2013) SVT BIFF Bergen 2003 Main Competition Grimstad Short Film festival, Competition Gunnar goes God (2010) KOSMORAMA 2011. Trondheim. Best music score, Erlend Fauske INT. FESTIVAL OF CINEMA & RELIGION 2011 Honorable mention NORDIC PANORAMA 2010. Bergen. Competition GIFF Göteborg. 2010 Program: ”Presence”. ST.PAUL INTL. FESTIVAL 2010 Minniapolis DOXA 2010 Vancouver DOCVILLE 2010. Belgien VISIONS DU REEL 2011, Nyon PLANET DOC REVIEW 2011. Warsawa DOX LEIPZIG 2011. Leipzig. JDFF JIHVALA 2011. Jihlava CPH:DOX 2011. Copenhagen. Competition. Gunnar goes Comfortable (2003) Swedish Film Institute, Documentary Competition 2002, 1th price CPH: DOCS Köbenhavn 2003.Honorable mention GIFF Göteborg filmfestival. Main Competition 2003 IDFA Amsterdam Main Competition 2003 AFI Silverdocs 2003 main Competition BIFF Bergen 2003 Main Competition


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